Adam Roberge is a professional cyclist from Quebec, Canada, with a focus on gravel and road racing. Competing at the highest level, he has four national titles under his name, as well as multiple podiums at some of America’s most significant gravel & UCI road races. Always striving to maximize his own performance, Adam is also very keen to share his experience and knowledge, to help others achieve their athletic goals in physical training, nutrition, performance psychology, and recovery. His primary platform of influence are YouTube and Instagram, but he is also very active on Facebook, Linkedin, Strava & TikTok. He also leads a weekly coaching session on Zwift over the winter months, which is available for free to his YouTube subscribers. Giving back to the community is very important to Adam – he is involved with several charitable organizations, helping with fundraising efforts and donating his own time to help people in need.


Nationality: Canadian
Based: Prevost, Quebec
Birthday: March 27, 1997
Height: 6’3”
Type of Rider: Gravel, Road, TT

“I am motivated most by making the most optimal choice in every moment. This enables the pursuit of the highest level of performance, both physically and mentally. Being able to share my methods is extremely gratifying.”

Adam Roberge



2024 RESULTS (so far)

  • 1st Gravel National
  • 3rd Gravel Locos
  • 2nd BWR Utah
  • 2nd BWR North Carolina
  • 1st Rasputitsa Dirt
  • 1st Hell of the North 
  • 5th Valley of Tears Gravel
  • 2nd Gravelooza


  • 1st Gravel Locos
  • 1st BWR Mexico
  • 1st BWR North Carolina
  • 1st BWR Overall (Quadrupel Crown)
  • 8th Unbound Gravel 
  • 1st UnPAved
  • 2nd Paris to Ancaster (Canadian National) 
  • 1st Scarecrow Gravel 
  • 1st Nepomuk Narly
  • 2nd Big Red Gravel
  • 5th BWR Kansas
  • 12th BWR California


  • 1st Gravel Worlds
  • 3rd Big Sugar Gravel
  • 1st BWR Kansas
  • 1st Barry Roubaix
  • 3rd Mid South Gravel
  • 7th LifeTime Grand Prix
  • 1st Rooted Vermont
  • 1st UnPAved 
  • 4th BWR Utah
  • 4th Gravel Locos TX
  • 2nd Vermont Overland
  • 10th Unbound Gravel
  • 2nd Shasta Gravel Hugger
  • 1st Nepomuk Narly
  • 1st LDDL ride
  • 5th Okanagan Graveller


  • 1st Big Sugar Gravel
  • BWR Triple Crown of Gravel Champion
    (Belgian Waffle Ride G.C.)
  • 4th SBT GRVL
  • 2nd BWR NC
  • 4th BWR UT
  • 3rd Gravel Locos
  • 2nd Rooted Vermont
  • 4th Canadian National TT
  • 1st Défi 404km Gravel
  • 4th Joe Martin Stage Race (UCI 2.2)



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Adam Roberge