The Optimal Athlete | 5 Insights That Elevated My Performance Last Week


AR Weekly: Workout Report

 4:30 Fat Bike Workout

Workout Description:

  • 50min Low Threshold Start: 4×10 min (140sec@105% / 20 sec@40%) with 4 min rest between each 10min.
  • 3h Endurance in Trails: 150 bpm avg.
  • 10 min Over/Under Anaerobic Finish: 2x5min (20sec@MAX/40sec@65%).

Number Analysis:

  • Intensity Factor: 0.679
  • TSS (Training Stress Score): 209
  • Calories Burned: 3,931 cal

#1 Takeaway: Find a Way to Make It Fun.

There’s a very nice trail quite far from where I live. Rather than performing the Threshold work on the same climb as I normally do, I opted to do it in the direction of the trail so I could enjoy a ride on it. This provided extra motivation in the morning before leaving for the ride.


AR Weekly: Nutrition/Recovery Tip

II’ve started implementing a mandatory eating routine as soon as I’m done with my post-workout shower. It’s ultra-simple, fast, and straightforward by design. I mix 60g of Perfect Sport Triple Rich Chocolate Whey Powder with about 250ml of milk. To this, I add a lot of granola, though I’m not sure how much—just a lot. As soon as I finish eating, I head straight to my sofa, read for 15 minutes, then put on my eye mask and lie down. I’ve simplified this routine to its essentials to avoid wasting time after training. In the past, post-workout tiredness made it easy for me to be careless with my time allocation right after training, using “relaxation” as a justification for mindlessly wasting time on activities I didn’t truly value. Now, I consider my training to end only after my nap or NSDR session. With this routine completed—my brain rested and my body fueled—I’m better equipped to make choices that align with what I genuinely want to do. To summarize, my post-workout routine is as follows: Shower, Eat, Read, Nap/NSDR—nothing in between.


AR Weekly: Book Suggestion

Lying by Sam Harris

 3 Quote I’m pondering from the book:

  • “The moment we consider our dishonesty from the point of view of those we lie to, we recognize that we would feel betrayed if the roles were reversed.”
  • “One of the greatest problems for the liar is that he must keep track of his lies. Some people are better at this than others.”
  • “if we have a history of being honest, our praise and encouragement will actually mean something.”

AR Weekly: One Piece of Tech that Enhanced My Work

I just received in the mail the first piece of gear from Rule28: their Aero Socks. So far I’ve only tried them on the trainer as I’m wearing warm socks for FatBike training.

Aero is everything” is a mantra I consistently reminded myself back when winning TT nationals was my top priority. Now, as gravel racing becomes increasingly competitive, this mantra resurfaces in my mind as I prepare the 2024 season. A key aspect to remember is that on the bike, your body is by far the most significant source of aerodynamic drag. Therefore, the two primary ways to reduce it while riding are through optimizing your position and choosing the right clothing.


AR Weekly: Note To Self

The fluency illusion arises when you primarily train in the areas where you already excel. As a performer, you must be particularly vigilant against this, as it’s a subtle way to remain in your comfort zone, as it feels satisfying by fostering a sense of accomplishment.

To counter this tendency: Deliberately create disfluency. Disfluency occurs when you practice in areas you’ve neglected, ensuring your training comprehensively covers all skills necessary for outstanding performance. Placing yourself in competition-like situations will facilitate this as it will make overlooked areas easier to identify by allowing them to manifest themselves more clearly.

As a learner, you must be detached from your “way of doing things” and expect ongoing adjustment to be the norm. Expect each performance to introduce a certain level of confusion, signifying the start of improving your practices. Thus, cultivate an appreciation, and perhaps even a desire, for this ongoing necessity of change, recognizing that swiftly pinpointing your shortcomings accelerates your improvement.


BONUS: Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You” – This album by Big Thief is worth your time. Just trust me on this one.

Thank you for your attention, and as always, take care of yourself by making the most optimal choice in every moment and do the same to take care of the ones you love.